Kimberly Watkins


Stardust Mountain & Foothills Realty

1048 Klondike Road State Road, N.C. 28676

I have several years experience in the Real Estate industry.  I originally worked in a large real estate franchise and eventually opened a small real estate boutique. My husband, Bob Watkins, Jr. also works at Stardust Mountain & Foothills Realty. We both strive to give excellent customer service and we focus on making the buying and selling home experience as pleasant for the client as we can possibly make it. We value our clients and they become our friends as well. 

Experience and Specialty


  • I will  make an excellent Buyer's Agent and I will try to negotiate the best terms and prices for my buyers.
  • I will  make an excellent Listing Agent. I am willing to perform a comparable market analysis on your property and spend time with my clients finding a smart marketing price that will hopefully sell their home efficiently and quickly.
  • If I don't know the answer to something, I make a  point of finding out the best answer to a question because I strive to give excellent customer service to everyone. I don't know everything, and most humans don't, but I do give you my pledge to be the best real estate broker that I can be to all of my clients. 


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